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We craft stories, produce entertainment, and create magic.

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Our Services

Producing | Creation

Specialty music production, live shows, animation, documentaries, shorts, video, voice skills, books, and branding presentation.

Consulting | Partnership

Expert consulting on entertainment properties, brand activations. We also represent works for sales, partnerships, activations and distribution.

Licensing | Rights

Master/Syncs, music supervision, IP activations, OTT, movie/story rights, in-depth research, global rights representation and sales,

Our Passion is fun

Why Entertainment?

We live in an entertainment age. There has never been a better time in the history of the world for consumers or creators. The barriers of entry have come crashing down, and so has the cost to create and consume. With hundreds of video platforms, music streamers, gaming platforms, OTT/TV networks, and more – consumers are constantly hungry for more entertainment. This means the opportunity to create entertainment that incorporates visuals, videos, audio, and music grows daily. It also means competition is fierce and the business of development and delivery can be complicated. No worries, that’s what we do. Email us, and let’s talk about how your dream project can become a reality.

% of Smartphone Owners 78%
% of Mobile Users Sharing Video 92%
% U.S. Listeners of Music/Audio Daily 94%

what the hell is music Consulting?

Music Consulting

Publishing is at the heart of the love affair with music and media. When you see a TV show, movie, game, ad, using music, chances are a music publisher had a lot to do with it. Stjamesmedia has executed literally 1000s of licenses in multiple in multiple mediums and can help your company, band, or entertainment property use music in a cost-efficient, legal, and creative way. 

What the hell is producing?


Producing, in its simplest form, is developing a vision and plan to get your project done on time, and on budget. We balance creative needs with available financing and we consult on best practices for delivery methods. We find the best aligned technical and creative partners and provide guidance on licensing and pickup for the project after completion. 

Music Producing

Songwriting guidance, finding the right mixer, booking the right room, packaging and Grammy eligibility. We make it happen.


Team pairing, Illustration guidance, storyboarding, script punches, directing, character development, 2D software consulting, deal structuring, lP licensing. We take cartoons very seriously.


Location and talent releases, pairing shooters, cast and crew, editing, mixing, music supervision, studio rentals, delivery, festival inclusion and licensing - We make video shine.

Our Brands

Select Creative Partners

Music matters

Videos need music. Explainers need music. Movies need music. Podcasts need music. Advertising needs music. TV productions need music.  Listeners need audio and music to feel emotional connections. The growth is stunning, and there it’s not slowing down

+ 50 %
Audio Positive Impressions of Messaging and retention
+ 70 %
On-Demand Audio Growth since 2015
+ 45 %
Dynamic Audio Sales among all platforms ROI
Adobe Creative Cloud - Character Animator

The future is animated

2D Animation

Animation actually dates back to 3,000 BCE!  Animation in one form or another has delighted audiences all the way through the Silent Film era and then exploded in 1914 with GERTIE THE DINOSAUR (considered the first cartoon to feature a character).  Here at SJM, we are focused on producing animated entertainment and have begun development on multiple projects, including a channel for adult lovers of cartoons. We have chosen Adobe Creative Cloud/ Character Animator as our partner workflow. We believe there is a huge opportunity to recorded music properties paired with animation and will be showing the world our first vision of this in 2019.  Animation has the ability to tell emotional stories while remaining evergreen content. If you watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, it holds up today! You’d be challenged to find another film from 1937 that you could say that about.  That’s magical, and we intend to be a part of that proud history going forward. And remember, all animation needs audio, and specifically music! 

Let's get real


We have experience in over a decade of successful marketing; but, we’re not for everyone. We’re not cheap, and we are picky about who we work with. We are disruptors. We don’t do cheesy “SEO-follow-competitor” stuff, and we certainly won’t be a part of spamming email or text. We know that metrics are important, but can lie. We believe in the written words, shorter video, and entertainment advertising. We believe in creating longterm customer relationships, if you are just about gaining a user count, we’re not for you. We cuss, we excite, we provoke. Do you want safe “Growthhacker marketing?” We’re not for you.  

If you have the budget, we’ve got a deck. 

We’ve taken cannabis software companies national, strategy consulting agencies and Futurists global. We’ve shaken the Facebook gaming ecosystem and helped small businesses grow over 200%. 

We specialize in marketing plans, video editing, creative direction, business development, targeted advertising, ands social media campaigns. 

Still interested? Click that button and let’s see if we’re a good fit. 


"Stjamesmedia provided not only excellent marketing deliverables, but also demonstrated an insightful grasp of our customers’ needs and how to best target our messaging, from day one. Michael's technically skilled, a great writer and has excellent business acumen."
Amy P.
"Michael and I have worked together on several projects in the marketing and music industries. He is a phenomenal director and manager of Marketing campaigns and can seamlessly manage big teams of people while overseeing the big picture."
Amanda L.

meet our Core Team

Our experts

Sara H.

Executive Operations

The professional organizer, the engine behind the machine.

Michael St James

Founder- Creative Director

The guy with the vision, drive, and creative marketing chops. 

Diana F.


A wizard at all things concerning finance and accounting. 

"Stjamesmedia made the impossible possible. Michael and his team made our creative vision a reality. Can't wait to work with you again. Thank you!"
Mark G.