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About us

We Love What We Do

We’re entering our 15th year in business, and can’t wait to show you what we’re doing next. We’re proudly Colorado, and part of the fabric of Denver. 

We started as a music licensing marketing firm, representing a catalog of over 1,000 copyrights that resulted in national licenses in TV, movies, and advertising. From there, SJM was able to cofound a gaming company resulting in the first ever live Facebook game with actual rewards. 

Our marketing clients grew and word got out. We proudly assisted in the MMJ legislation movement and eventual adult-use passage in Colorado. With our in-depth experience, we still consult states and business organizations on effective strategies for balancing legalization of cannabis and social acceptance. 

We then branched out into software development, resulting in cutting-edge music apps, and consumer casual games, and POS systems for the cannabis industry. 

As a result of our involvement with multiple media companies and software development, the next logical step was to start co-producing entertainment properties, developing tv pilots, documentaries, and animation. 

We are leading the charge on custom music projects that involve charitable causes as well as pairing animation with existing music. 

Our goals for the next 15 years also include being involved with the Mars missions by making sure that music is not left on Earth, solving pressing music industry problems around streaming and metadata.  


Creative Investment

We pride ourselves on showing return for investment. Creative passion only works when it's not loaded with debt and when it actually makes money. SJM is proudly independently financed and we look forward to many more years of success.

Global Reach

Our partners are spread around the globe - Canada,, Mexico, U.K., France, Japan, and South Africa. We can't be everywhere, so we try to know experts who are.

Experienced consulting

We are constantly learning, and we would never presume to know everything. Our secret is that we ask more questions than we answer, and we go to our network of contacts for solutions. In turn, we give out a lot of knowledge too. This is how you build a reputation, and hopefully gain a little good karma too!

A Force For Good

Giving back is not charity, it's mandatory. None of us make it alone. We support multiple initiatives with creative projects and giving of our time, including the Children's Hospital Network, St. Jude, Take Note Colorado, Grammy Foundation, MusiCares, andSchool of Rock, just to name a few.

Future Leaning

We are constantly thinking about the future, and how we might be part of shaping it. Having been lucky enough o work with multiple futurists, we see things differently. We challenge the media narratives, we fight for inclusion of rural communities and the disadvantaged. We are working not to just be a part of the future, but to build a better one.