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Change is Coming

Here's Your Sign

Change is inevitable. What a gloriously simple thought encapsulated by one six-letter word.

But change is not simple. It’s often messy, filled with confusion, heartbreak, unease, financial pressure, disappointment, and the general feeling of having no control.
Guess what? You do not have control over change. But, you do have control over the path you take to get there (wherever “there” is).

Sometimes change is as simple as forming a small daily habit that, over time, results in a big shift. Other times, change smacks you in the face like a cold burst of wind, shaking your resolve for a moment and making you quickly assess your direction. It’s not simple.

So, for all of you who are facing change at the moment, know that you are4 not alone. Feel comfort in the fact that many (myself included) are going through the tumultuous journey.

Whenever I am faced with massive change, the only way I can truly understand it is as an opportunity.

So, here’s to changes.
Here’s to opportunities.
May you change for the better in all ways.

And here’s a sign to remind you that it’s coming soon.